March Classes!

March Class Schedule is here! 

March 3rd: Birth Movie Night (Two Showings)!

9:30 am       ICAN Sacramento Meeting

11:00 am     Essential Oils for Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond

12:30 pm     Birth Movie: Birth At Home Shared Intimacy

6:30 pm       Birth Movie: Birth At Home Shared Intimacy

7:00 pm       Homebirth Childbirth Education Info: Meet Lacy Young, Owner and CBE at Moonlight Birth

March 17th: Birth Story Night!

11:00 am     Essential Oils for Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond

11:30 am     Pelvic Mapping Group

6:30 pm       Birth Story Night: A Tale of Four Homebirths

Bring your questions, your stories, a partner, your little ones and a friend. Have a cup of tea in a beautiful space, surrounded by powerful images of natural birth and home-born babies. Call 916-743-4323 with any questions. See you there friends!

January Classes!!!

We are so excited to launch our first full day of exciting and fun classes at Moonlight Birth! For details on times see our Upcoming Events page.

Join us January 27th, 2014 for FIVE different classes. We’ll start the day off learning all about Essential Oils for Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond. Try new oils, learn how to use essential oils to support and nourish your pregnant self and growing baby. We’ll cover how to keep relaxed and comfortable while pregnant, aid labor and birth, help the postpartum period go smoothly, address breastfeeding issues and keep Postpartum Depression at bay, all with essential oils.

Next, we’ll have a blast trying out Babywearing. SSC, Mei-Tai, Sling, Wrap…………what do they all mean??? Get your hands on all kinds of carriers and see which style might be for you.

Then, Pelvic Mapping! Worried about your pelvis being too small to give birth ? Let’s map your pelvis! Not only will you learn valuable information about your body, but you will also learn how YOU might need to move in labor to keep that baby moving down!

In the evening we’ll show you how to build a natural apothecary of healing remedies in Essential Oils 101.

We’ll finish off the day with an amazingly powerful  showing of homebirth waterbirth in “Birth with Gloria Lemay”. Enjoy a cup of hot tea or coffee with us and get your daily dose of authentic birth goodness.

Please come see us! Bring a friend, bring your babies, bring your birth stories to share, bring your questions. We can’t wait to meet you! January 27th, 2014. BE THERE!!!